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Ka&B Services LLC

  • Specializing in Technical Support within the Composites Industry, we assist and help businesses grow.

  • Over 25 years of experience in the Composites Industry, working on a global level and with a multitude of Top Tier Companies, we bring solutions that "work".

  • A Veteran Owned Business, Ka&B Services LLC is located near Gold Hill, North Carolina.

A licensed distributor for Clean Armor products
Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 8.38.04 AM.jpg

High Performance UV Coatings Built by Finishers for Finishers

Our concentrated coatings have 3+ times the coverage compared to traditional finishes.

Clean Armor Product Features:

  • Fast cure within minutes using low energy UVA lighting

  • 100% solids solvent free

  • VOC and HAP free

  • Non-hazardous products

  • Easy clean up with isopropyl alcohol

  • Start curing when you're ready

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