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A licensed distributor for Clean Armor products
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High Performance UV Coatings Built by Finishers for Finishers

Our concentrated coatings have 3+ times the coverage compared to traditional finishes.

Clean Armor Product Features:

  • Fast cure within minutes using low energy UVA lighting

  • 100% solids solvent free

  • VOC and HAP free

  • Non-hazardous products

  • Easy clean up with isopropyl alcohol

  • Start curing when you're ready

For product pricing & orders contact:

or call Kathy at +1 704-232-6763

For technical enquiries contact:

or call Bryan at +1 704-380-7985

Products available in 8oz trial size upon request

Products are available in the following volumes:

  • 1 Quart (.95 L)

  • 1 Gallon (3.78 L)

  • 5 Gallon Pail (18.9 L)

  • larger volume available upon request

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available upon request.

CUVO Lighting - UV Cure Lights

Lights for Low Energy Curing of Clean Armor Products

IndustrialUV Series:

  • Model 150: 150 Watt Bar The power for this can be daisy chained (linked from one to the next) for easy installation in a large area

SlimUV™ Series:

  • Model H24, 24 Watt Handheld

  • Model H36, 36 Watt Handheld

  • Model 100: 100 Watt Bar

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: When talking about a coating thickness of 1 mil what does this mean?

A: It’s a common industry unit of measure for plastic sheeting and films. 1 mil is equal to 0.001 thousandth of an inch or 0.0254 mm.

Q: Ok, but what is that in layman terms or what does that compare to?

A: The typical trash bag measures between 1.2 mils to 1.7 mils and the heavy-duty version between 3 and 6 mils. Your typical credit / debit card is around 30 mils.


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Q: My work area, where I want to apply these coatings, has traditional Fluorescent and or LED lighting. Don’t these emit UV light and thus cause a problem?

A: Not typically with these forms of lighting. While they do emit UV light, they are usually not an issue for our UV cure systems. If you have any concerns, we could take some measurements of your work environment to ensure you don’t have any underlying issues.

Q: Do I need any special eye protection when I use my UV lights for curing?

A: We always recommend using appropriate PPE equipment. If you are exposed to extended periods of UV exposure, the low energy UV-A lightning we provide is no different to standing outside in direct sunlight. If you need to be constantly in the UV light environment, then any good pair of safety glasses with UV protection is fine to use.

Q: Do I need special spray gun equipment?

A: No. Most standard spray guns used in the automotive clear coat finishing industry are suitable to use. However, the spray guns will need to have non-transparent cups fitted. 3M does supply black PPS 2.0 cups with a 0.200 micron built in filter. These are just perfect for UV systems. Obviously, some tweaks to the gun set up will be required to suit the parts and the specific coating you want to apply. We can offer a set up guide as a starting point, but typically the Finishing Technicians have their own specific preferences.

Q: Are the products ready to spray right out the bottle?

A: Absolutely, our products are ready for spraying right out the container. If you prefer you can reduce the product with up to 10% of alcohol if you prefer that feel out of the gun. We recommend using 91-99% alcohol.


Q: When you say your product is VOC / HAP free what does this mean?

A: No VOC means that a product has less than 5 grams per liter of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). HAP free means we have no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) in our products. These are typically within the solvents commonly found in traditional sprayed systems. Here is a more detailed explanation about VOCs and HAPs: 

HAPS Free Solvents - Low VOC - Non-HAPS Alternatives (


Q: What is the maximum temperature that these coatings can be exposed to?

A: 400F (204C).


Q: Can I stain my wood surfaces?

A: Yes, both water & oil-based stains can be used (make sure the stain is fully cured before applying our products).

A: Mohawk ULTRA® Penetrating NGR Dye Stain works well and can be mixed with Clean Armor wood products (make sure your dye is an acetone solvent platform)

Q: Do I need to sand between coats?

A: No. Unlike traditional products, ours have an inter-coat adhesion so that you don’t have to abrade between coats.


Q: Can I use other makes of product on top of Clean Armor?

A: Yes, but you’ll need to follow traditional procedures before it’s applied on to the cured Clean Armor product.

Q: After curing my finish looks milky or has moisture on it, is that a problem?

A: No, this is just residual moisture in the product, or from in the air in humid conditions. Simply wipe the moisture off with a clean cloth.



Q: Why does my finish have yellowing after I’ve cured it?

A: Yellowing can occur if the product is cured too quickly. A good practice is to keep your UV light source about 3-4 feet away, to cure it more slowly, which typically takes about 3 minutes.

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